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Welcome to Time-Flow!

Time-Flow is a WebApp for time exchanging between people. You can use it with friends, associations, companies, etc.

Time-Flow is open, all accounts are public: From your user panel, you will see the history of your exchanges and you can see the history of other users

Time-Flow is infinite: There are no credit limits. You can have hundreds of positive hours on your account or hundreds of hours with a negative balance. The limits are decided by the users

Time-Flow is like PayPal or a bank, but the exchanges are in hours and minutes instead of money

Use 100% Time-Flow or combine it with other currencies. The decision is yours and the person you trade with

To who?

Whether your activity is face-to-face or virtual, Time-Flow allows you to exchange time with anyone in the world, all you need is an email.

You can use Time-Flow if you are a company and want to exchange hours with another company. Every quarter you can check your balance of hours and cross-check your invoices.

If you are a Time Bank, you can use Time-Flow as free software to exchange time between your users.

If you want to have a reliable system of exchange between friends and to be able to see your balances, Time-Flow can help you!

If you think that money is not everything and you want to exchange time with others, use Time-Flow!

I want to see Time-Flow in action!

1 - Sign up for exchanges

As an anonymous user you can only search for other users. Register to contact users via WhatsApp, Linkedin, Phone, Mail, etc.

2 - Search for users

Search users by name, city, phone, mail, skills or profession... Our search system is super powerful!

3 - Review the user's exchange history

To trust any user you can see his payment/collection history. You will also be able to see the ratings that other users have made to him.

4 - Contact the user and make a deal

Get in touch thru WhatsApp, mail, phone, etc. and set a deal price 

5 - Pay to the user

Make the payment
(X hours, Z minutes)
and adds the concept of payment

6 - Wait for the user to accept your payment

The user will be notified (email) and can accept or reject your payment. 

How much does it cost?

It's free, it always will be.
Although at some point the creator may accept donations (of time or money!)

Open Source

Time-Flow is based on Laravel / PHP + VueJS. You can download the code and modify it to your liking. If you need a custom-made Time-Flow, let's talk!

The Creator 

Guillermo Tamborero is a Pedagogue and Programmer. Creator of Time-Flow and co-founder of


API integration with other systems (WordPress). Integration in a Blockchain system to make sure the information is inviolable.